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Private Architecture

Timeless architecture
stays relevant forever

The concept is always based on the customer request, specifics of the plot and environment. In our approach to project development, we try and enhance the feeling of interaction with the shape and light, which exert 
a secret, but deep influence on the level of sensations our clients experience every minute they stay in the space. That is why each project 
is an open conversation with the client.

Architecture is the basis for design, which remains for many years and 
is inherited. For this reason, in designing, we always carefully and neatly recheck many times and test all our audacious ideas that we generate 
for each project.

Landscape Design

Simple things find a deep sense

A landscape where you can meditate, contemplate and feel the soul inside you

In landscape architecture our bureau covers variety of typologies: 
from private gardens and small parks to green roofs and city squares. 
Our work differs from project to project, however, our style in design 
is always breezy, pure and uncluttered. Our methods direct to establish 
a connection between places, people and nature.

Private environment

Creating designs that meet your functional and lifestyle needs, complementing and enhancing the architecture of your property. 
To achieve this, we will work with you to create a custom landscape 
design that is as unique as you are.

KSH Design bureau easily go beyond the design of the privat plot, and 
also create public environments of landscape architectyre: shopping 
malls, housing estates, apartment compounds, plazas, playgrounds, squares, gardens, museums, schools, universities. Our works with the public environment is always a great opportunity to the city shaping that allows government and citizens to create better places for all.

Interior Design

Interiors to clients to enjoy their life

Our projects raise the value

of real estate

Interior design is our special passion. We started as an interior design studio and have earned amazingly deep expertise in this area, both for private homes and commercial space.

Our team create high-end interiors, bring out the beauty of real estate 
and let the client’s uniqueness enter the picture. Functionality, aesthetics, comfort and durability are integrated into every our concept, from the development of layout and rough sketch to designing one-off bespoke furniture and art objects.

In our approach we cover everything completely in interior developing, using genuine and pleasantly tactile materials, transform it into a pure timeless design.

Furniture design

simple form find a deep sense

Individual design is present 

in every touch

Furniture design is one of our strong features. For each projects, we design something special, something that makes this project unique. Our creativity is absolutely endless. Every projects get special custom furniture. Every client becomes the owner of a uniqueness.

Bespoke furniture 

Our presence and control of the object design implementation process

Designed and made especially for you . We cooperate with the highest quality manufacturers and craft shops to create custom made furniture 
for our customers. Every time we offer you products made according 
to our design especially for your project in uncompromising quality.

We love produce our designed piece of furniture, deliver and assemble 
on side. It adds value to our projects and we just love doing it. Immersion 
in the production process has a special magic for us.

Over the years of work, we have selected and tested dozens 
of manufacturers, moving on to partnership only with the best. Wooden furniture, Natural stone products, Metal, Glass, Upholstered furniture. Noble materials, expertise and control of production gives a perfect 
match between the project and reality.

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